Completed Industry Qualifications :

Certified Bitcoin Professional # 8e05f7 Verify (Non-Profit Org; Board Members include Andreas Antonopoulos & Vitalik Buterin)

University of Nicosia DFIN-511  “Introduction to Digital Currencies" MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) taught by Andreas Antonopoulos & Antonis Polemitis

Recent Experience :
Blockweather Holdings LLC  
Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Account Executive (Phone Sales, 1099 relationship)

Digital Currency Experience (personal) :
Owner/Admin of 15,000+ member
Facebook group

I share news and views via Twitter & Steemit
Proud monthly financial supporter of Andreas Antonoplis (Patreon), Omar Bahm aka "Crypt0's News" (Patreon) , and "Bitcoin Girl" Naomi Brockwell (Bitbacker)

I use a Trezor hardware wallet for offline cold storage, Exodus desktop wallet, BRD (and other) smartphone "apps", Bittrex online "exchange" for buying or trading other "alt coins"... (Also, I reported capital gains tax on successful trades, and I recommend that you should also, if...). Despite my experience as a trader/owner of "alt coins" I now consider myself mostly a “Bitcoin Maximalist”.

Because the interface is simple and intuitive, I typically refer "newbies" to
OPEN AN ACCOUNT on Coinbase to make your first ever Bitcoin purchase (I will walk you through the process : Disclosure : affiliate link). You simply link your Coinbase account to your standard checking account, like an online billpay -if- you have personally decided that it's time to "unload" some of your declining U.S. fiat currency dollar$.


And YES, I really AM

to ANYONE who has never bought or used bitcoin before.
(Coinbase sign-up not req'd. No purchase req'd, ever. It's really free to help de-mystify Bitcoin. Fellow enthusiasts can donate bitcoin for me to give away to others via my Bitbacker Page)

...But wait, there's more!
   So what exactly is a 
Certified Bitcoin Professional?

From the official website : "CBPs have a working knowledge in 33 topics which cover six (6) domains of Bitcoin knowledge...". 

(1) History of Money & Ledger-based Economics : Centralized Ledgers, Functions of Currency, Distributed Consensus, History of Bitcoin, Price Derivation

(2) Basic Cryptography : Terms & Definitions, Hash Functions, Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption, Digital Signatures

(3) Bitcoin Basics : Bitcoin Community, Bitcoin Addresses & Keys, Bitcoin Transactions, Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger, bitcoin the Unit, Bitcoin the Network, BIPs, Buying & Selling bitcoin, Blockchain Explorers, UTXOs

(4) Mining : Purpose and Function, Algorithm, Mining Pools, Mining Hardware, Security & Centralization

(5) Wallets, Clients and Key Management : Wallet Types, Bitcoin Clients, Deterministic Wallets (AKA BIP32), Passphrase-Encrypted Wallets (AKA BIP38), Backup, Importing and Exporting

(6) Bitcoin Commerce : Bitcoin as a Merchant, Bitcoin Payment Processors , Secure Payment Protocol (AKA BIP70)

Please note that CBP is a technical knowledge certification, not to be confused with a "license" to advise or consult about Bitcoin (licenses are neither offered nor required for such in the state of New Mexico), nor are any opinions I share to be considered as financial or investment advice. Speak with a qualified investment advisor. (And then read "Why Your Financial Advisor Won't Talk to You About Bitcoin" on NASDAQ.com :)

You don't need a broker or advisor to purchase Bitcoin however. You can either do it yourself online or consult Consult with Me to walk you through the process. Note however that Bitcoin and crypto-assets are extremely volatile, and as-yet unregulated. Investing in them carries a high degree of risk. Research your decisions carefully, and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

In short, I know HOW2BTC and I can teach you
if you're interested in taking the plunge!

For that matter ...

Does any professional in Roswell NM know as much
about Bitcoin as Guy Malone, CBP?

NO! And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is!

Here’s my professional challenge :
I will personally pay (reimburse) the examination fee of the first practicing Roswell area Investment Advisor, Attorney, or Certified Public Accountant who can pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional online examination.

I’ll be happy to welcome another CBP to the ranks and post your name here on my website. Just pass the exam, and send me your certification number to verify online. I’ll pay you in your choice of U.S. Dollars or Bitcoin.

Until then, it is safe to say that I am the most
knowledgeable & most highly credentialed
Bitcoin professional serving Roswell NM.