Bitcoin Meet-Up "Ask Me Anything" View official link
w/ Guy Malone, Certified Bitcoin Professional, 2nd & 4th Saturdays  1pm @

Stellar Coffee Co  315 N. Main St  Roswell NM (Back Meeting Room)

Informal as heck! No lecture, no presentation, no sales pitch. Just bring me any questions you have about Bitcoin and I'll do my best to answer. I have two certifications (About Me) worth of Bitcoin knowledge that I'm happy to share. And if you've never, ever owned any Bitcoin before, I will GIVE you a small amount just to see how it works! (Free download of a wallet app required, more detail here. We'll do it together in person so you won't make a mistake.)

Fellow Bitcoiners are definitely encouraged to attend, to share news, info, and "just talk Bitcoin" with one another. Bring a no-coiner!  Bitcoin newbies might enjoy watching the short "Bitcoin for Beginners" video by Andreas Antonopolis before coming (See below, and more educational resources are on my "What is Bitcoin?" page.) After the Q/A for newbies, enthusiasts are encouraged to stay and we might watch any new Bitcoin videos that are out from any of our agreed on industry favorites. The meet-ups will be whatever we make of it!

Enter through the front door, grab a coffee, muffin, sandwich, then walk down the hallway to the meeting room in back.

Stellar Coffee co has free Wi-fi, so BRING YOUR LAPTOP if you're considering buying Bitcoin for the first time, and you'd like help setting up your very own Bitcoin purchasing account. Note that I do not charge anything for my help setting you up.