"Bitcoin is better experienced, than explained..."
                                           -Andreas Antonopolis

Yes, I am Giving Away Bitcoin to anyone who has never owned digital currency before. No catches, nothing to buy (ever), I'm just doing my part to de-mystify Bitcoin for the masses. 

Bitcoin has changed the world by introducing a new and border-less class of "hard asset currency" which is not controlled by banks or government(s), and which "the market" has decided is desirable to own. While many of the concepts can be initially difficult to grasp (learn more here) actually USING Bitcoin is almost as easy today as using text or email.

Ready to find out just HOW EASY it is?

All you have to do is download the free app from www.BRD.com (*)
and follow its very simple prompts to "Create New Wallet".

(In Roswell NM? Meet me and we'll do it together in person
2nd & 4th Saturdays at Stellar Coffee Co at my
 Bitcoin Meet-Up!)

1) Create a memorable but unique 6-digit pin (that you don't already use ANYWHERE else, and definitely NOT your friggin birthday!)...

2) WRITE DOWN ON PAPER (don't photo or screenshot, and don't lose) the 12 random words the BRD app shows you on set-up. These 12 words are your "Recovery Seed" for if/when you upgrade your phone -or if it's lost or stolen! You'd just download the app again, enter your 12 words, and you will have your wallet and coin back. So store these words safely! And please see my Wallets link for more about long-term security of larger amounts of BTC)...

3) Select the orange Bitcoin bar at top. Press "Receive" then e-mail me (you of course AGREE to receive a reply from me) at how2btc@protonmail.com with your new "Receive Bitcoin" Address. (Or Tweet m)

Your "Receive Bitcoin" address will look like this (mine):


and I will send you a small amount of Bitcoin! 

Not enough to retire on, but enough to make a few transactions with others. You can send a fraction of it back to me if desired (Copy/Paste my address) to practice sending yourself, watching for your transaction go from "Pending" to "Confirmed".

And you're done!!!

(If you don't want to use a mobile phone, I'm also a user of the Exodus.io free wallet for desktop/laptop. It'll seem a little more intimidating to set up, but has great support and videos on their site as well. Same instructions, just send me your "Receive Bitcoin" addy, and I'll shoot you some for free.)

(*) Android users will have to disable screenshot mode or something when installing BRD... I'm IOS, but Android friends I've helped have had no troubles. Just do what it says, it's an additional security measure.

(*) This is NOT an affiliate referral link. I researched many free wallet apps, and chose BRD... 

(a) because of it's simplicity for first-time users  (Learn More About Bitcoin Here)

(b) because it does not require ANY personally identifying info to use (name, email, or phone#) which is the spirit of Bitcoin in the first place, and

(c) because it forces one to use correct security measures before proceeding. IE, it's idiot-proof.

Also, I give the website link here (opposed to the App store)...
(d) because of the exhaustive website q/a - which you should peruse! - and free user support BRD makes available, and

(e) because should you choose to make digital currency purchases, the BRD app has "Link Bank Account" built in. (You of course lose anonymity if you choose to use this feature.)

U.S. USERS NOTE that BRD purchases are processed by Simplex, a U.K. company. Some U.S. banks will require you to authorize your first BRD purchase (in some cases, all) via a phone call or signed "foreign transaction" document. On this site I also link to the San Francisco based
CoinBase Exchange (referral link) which you can also link your U.S. bank account to with more simpicity (no harder than setting up online bill pay). If you use the Coinbase referral link to purchase $100 USD worth of Bitcoin, you (and I) will receive an additional $10 worth of Bitcoin (first time only). Learn to Do It Yourself online, or Consult w/ Me for no charge.

(*) NO warranties or guarantees are implied by my posting this. This is strictly my personal opinion based on research. Do Your Own Research, buyer beware, learn proper security measures before proceeding, never invest more than you are willing to lose, and this free offer is not to be construed in any way as investment advice of any kind. More advanced users or ppl who eventually wish to own larger amounts will eventually want to purchase/own a "hardware wallet" for maximum security, opposed to an "app" or "hot wallet" as web-connected wallets are called.