How to Buy Bitcoin online Go Here for in-person cash transaction methods

Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies are 100% legal for United States citizens to purchase and to own. You may use them to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept them, or hold onto them as a speculative investment (NOT financial advice, see DISCLAIMERS).

"Mining" Bitcoin or earning Bitcoin (in exchange for a good or service which you provide) are the BEST ways to obtain Bitcoin. But the most common way (easiest route) is to buy bitcoin is through an "exchange". Many reputable U.S. exchanges are fully regulated to sell Bitcoin to U.S. citizens directly from your bank account... (And if you decide to sell it back or "cash it in" one day, US dollars will be added to your account by the exchange. Note that Capital Gains Taxes will probably apply; speak to a tax professional and read my DISCLAIMERS.)

Buying bitcoin from a legitimate online exchange is not dissimilar from opening a bank account these days. KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws DO apply, and a certain degree of identity and account verification is required. You will NOT be able to buy Bitcoin anonymously when using an exchange. (You might be able to do so using the Bisq network.)

DISCLOSURE : I earn a $10 "free Bitcoin" referral rate (and so will you) for linking here to "Coinbase" as my most-often recommended U.S. exchange for helping "newbies" purchase Bitcoin online by yourself for the first time, as it's very intuitive for a newbie to navigate. (Once your acclimated or perhaps "on the path" to purchasing Bitcoin regulary, you might want to maybe come back and also sign up via Abra and Voyager for a $25 bonus.)

Option #1 : Coinbase Coinbase allows online website bitcoin purchases by credit card, debit card, bank wire or by bank transfer. It is the most well-known and widely used U.S. based exchange, and it allows you to store your coins there (opposed to buying or downloading a real “wallet”). You can additionally send your Bitcoin to others (i.e., use Bitcoin as currency for purchases, tip others online) from your Coinbase account dashboard. Using  this link to create your new account will result in a bonus of $10 extra “free bitcoin” added to your account (and mine), with your first $100 BTC purchase.
NOTE thatof the three, only Coinbase supports the sending and receiving of Bitcoin to others. Abra and Voyasger do not provide wallets, you simply  your crypto until you're ready to cash out. (Go here for introductory info about wallets.)

Good news!
You definitely don’t have to purchase an entire bitcoin to get started! Depending upon a given exchange’s “minimums”, you can purchase virtually any decimal worth, such as 0.5 BTC (half a bitcoin), 0.01 (one one hundredth) all the way down to 0.00000001 (aka, one “Satoshi”). Bitcoins are divisible (unlike stocks) and the “barrier for entry” is therefore much lower than other types of investing! And while a broker or consultant is not needed to buy bitcoin, if you find yourself “stuck” or frustrated with the learning curve, or are afraid of making a costly mistake...

I’ll walk you through the processes and answer your questions either in person, via email, and/or Skype. Go Here if you'd like me to help you during the process.

PRO TIP : The Certified Bitcoin Professional Code of Ethics reminds me to protect my community, even those who are not my clients. To that end, I want to encourage you to never use your “regular” email address when creating new accounts related to digital currencies. This sets you up for attacks from hackers and phishing scams based on your regular online activities (social media, webmail, search engine browsing). I require all of my clients to set up a new and “crypto only” dedicated email address, and recommend Protonmail as the most secure private email currently available - and it’s free! For your security, sign up for a Protonmail account before signing up to a new exchange.

You’re welcome.