Dollars will then be debited from your bank account equal to the amount of Bitcoin you purchase ; if ever you decide to cash out - i.e., "take profits" (which are taxable) IF the value of your purchase has increased over time (which of course is not guaranteed)  - then the same bank account you register will be credited back in U.S. dollars.

Here’s my first ever purchase in fact - $10 worth of Bitcoin, purchased  in January 2016 :​​

- Doh!! WHY didn't I check the "Repeat Purchase Weekly" when I had the chance?!? -

So if I were to “cash out” today Here’s How Much in U.S. Dollars would be added back into my bank account, if I chose to reverse the purchase today, and sell the same amount of Bitcoin back to Coinbase.*

*(Capital Gains taxes would probably apply if/when I do so. This is NOT financial advice. Please read my DISCLAIMERS.)


When you're ready to get started...

(1) Download Avast


(2) In the Avast browser, create your new "crypto only" ProtonMail account


(3) Email me from your Protonmail account at

and we'll meet in person or via Skype. 

Feel free to get as far as you can without me
by Signing Up for Voyager or Coinbase on your own,
or wait until we're in contact.

Buying Bitcoin is Easy!!!




NO PURCHASE is required to take advantage of my 100% free GivingAwayBitcoin offer.

However, once people discover how truly easy it is these days to download their first Bitcoin wallet, and to transact (send and receive Bitcoin with it) the next question I've heard from people is, quite naturally, "Okay, now how do I get more?"

Offering a good or service for which you only accept Bitcoin is a great way to go...

Or by simply posting a "Please Donate" QR code somewhere, and/or your wallet address. For example, the image above is French street muralist Pascal Boyart's work. He receives "tips" from passers-by who just aim their smartphone at his QR code. See the full story on artnet here.

I feel it very important to emphasize that you do not have to "give up" any of your privacy, or personally identifying information (name, email, telephone, location, race, religion) to join the Bitcoin revolution! Popular methods of buying bitcoin for cash include and many ATMs. Also, the Bisq Network makes peer-to-peer transactions possible online. (Fees for such methods can vary, and are often considered "high". I do not personally offer Bitcoin for sale myself (requires a "money transmitters license), nor have I used any of these sites/services, so can't help much with them. But...) 

"Buying bitcoin" - with your U.S. dollars, from a U.S. bank account, via an "exchange" - is not dissimilar from opening a bank account these days, and is not difficult. I have helped many people "walk through" this process, and will be happy to help you. I do not charge anything to do so. (You are welcome - but not required - to gift me any amount(s) of Bitcoin in the future if, AFTER you've mastered the processes of buying  and sending Bitcoin for yourself, AND are delighted with your new knowledge, AND desire to help me help others learn in the future.)

If you wish for me to help you "Sign Up" for a Coinbase account to buy Bitcoin, I will either

1) Meet with you in person (you buy the coffee) with your laptop and look over your shoulder, showing what to type when and where... and/or

2) Talk on Skype and you can "share your screen" with me, while I walk you through the process.

(Pro Tips : For security, I require anybody that I'm helping to first, download the free Avast Web Browser to conduct your crypto-related web-browsing in (I also only open my banking and credit card websites in Avast nowadays). Second, from within the Avast browser, create a new "cryptocurrency only" email account at Don't use it for other general or personal email purposes - you don't want it "out there" attracting would-be hackers and "phishing scam" artists to target you.)

With Coinbase and many other U.S. exchanges, KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws DO apply, and identity / account verifications are required. You will NOT be able to buy Bitcoin anonymously, nor will your first transactions be instantaneous in some cases.

Your legal name and an email address will be required to sign up. Your cell phone number will be required to verify that it’s really you. To protect you from computer hackers, no purchases or withdrawals can be made without you receiving a confirmation text. After signing up, you’ll also have to enter your banking info in order to purchase any amount of Bitcoin (etc) from Coinbase.