"How does Bitcoin work? Seriously, I don't understand Bitcoin!
Can somebody please EXPLAIN BITCOIN to me...?!?"

I'm here to help. Make it through my intentionally non-techie list, and you'll understand Bitcoin better than 99% of people you know. My links here aren't offering a comprehensive explanation of HOW the Bitcoin computer network operates (but more links below). You'll understand some of that, but more importantly WHY Bitcoin has become the unstoppable world-wide phenomena that it now is after watching. You'll understand the "What" better by first grasping the "Why...".

#1  BBC's "Bitcoin Explained" "...Now if you wanted to remove the bank from that system, who would you trust?" Easy to follow fun approach - includes a stuffed penguin. Touches just slightly on the technical aspects of how Bitcoin works - it's only 2 1/2 minutes long though, so you can do this! 

Bitcoin is a completely "digital currency". All transactions are made directly from person to person without a "third party" (bank, government) being involved in the transaction (approving or denying). A truly world-wide computer network - controlled by no one, that anyone can join - keeps the ledger open and honest, verifying all transactions securely and permanently, with no possibility of counterfeiting, or of assets ever being seized or frozen.

#2  "Blockchain is like a group text message" 90-second Samson Williams interview clip. (Hyperlink goes to a LinkedIn status with video.)

#3  "Bitcoin for Beginners" by the maestro himself, Andreas Antonopolis, See his YouTube Channel for many, many, many more.

#4  "Blockchain Changes Everything" Ted Talk by Dan Tapscott. Full title : How the blockchain is changing money and business."

#5  "Chatting with An Expert on Bitcoin" Naomi Brockwell aka "Bitcoin Girl" - See her YouTube Channel interviewed by Andrew Hale.

#6  "The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument" Bitcoin "maximalist" Murad Mahmudov interviewed by Anthony Pompliano. Read Summary)

#7  "Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control It" by Andreas Antonopolis, See his YouTube Channel for many, many, many more.

#8a  "How Much Bitcoin Should I Own?" by "The Modern Investor" pairs well with #8b "Bitcoin End Game" as the only $peculative value videos I endorse here.

#9  "Escaping the Global Banking Cartel" by Andreas Antonopolis, See his YouTube Channel for many, many, many more. (Hyperlink goes to YouTube video.)

#10  "Exciting Innovations in Bitcoin" Bitcoin "OG" Trace Mayer interviewed by Max Keiser on (and Hyperlink goes to) Trace Mayer's Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast.

Honorable Mention / Recap : "BTC Presentation" 11-year old Samantha explains Bitcoin to high-school seniors. DUDE - If an 11-yr old can explain it, you can understand it.

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Continue with "Bitcoin for Beginners" YouTube Playlist by Andreas Antonopolis and/or "Bitcoin for Beginners" YouTube Playlist by Naomi Brockwell.
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If you're willing to pay a little to get tons of technical knowledge, I personally took the "Pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional Exam" video tutorial by Ravinder Deol and highly recommend it (See Sample Video here).

Note that many Bitcoin afficianados, "experts", and/or enthusiasts might compile a very different Top 10 list than I've assembled here! Bitcoin is a hugely complex topic. When you're ready to dive completely into the rabbit hole, there's much, much, much more to learn via Jameson Lopp's famous "pinned Tweet" and exhaustive list of resources (reprinted here via permission) :