Services - Alt Coins and Exchanges


Buying Bitcoin (and other digital currencies) is entirely possible to do yourself! However, much like auto repair or plumbing, sometimes it really is better to let a Certified Professional do it for you. In all of these areas, there is a learning curve, and mistakes can actually be quite costly.


As you know from here for $99 I provide the technical services of starting a free, private and secure email service for you, signing you up to Coinbase or Coinmama, and walking you through the process of making your first $100 or more purchase of Bitcoin. But...


NEWSFLASH! Buying Bitcoin for the first time can only be compared to “taking the Red Pill!”


Once you’ve taken the plunge and decided to purchase Bitcoin, you’ll quickly discover that Bitcoin is NOT the only digital currency out there to consider owning (either for commerce, or as a “store of value” style investment).


There are in fact over 1,400 currencies to choose from! See for a comprehensive list. Deciding which to buy involves research, and nobody can say for sure which are most likely to go up or down at any given time.